Organizing an event takes a lot of careful planning, and there are lots of tiny details that make up the perfect event. From the venue to deciding the time, sending out invites, to deciding the menu, and color themes, everything is essential. But probably the single most important factor in making or breaking an event is the number of audiences who come to your event and the amount of time they spend there.

Of course, that requires keeping track of the people who enter the event, timing details along with the time they exist. Doing such a task manually is quite daunting, and honestly, an invitation to errors. The bigger the conference, the bigger the number of audiences and the bigger the room for errors.

So, to make things easier for organizers and event managers, a brilliant mind, Mohammad Abu Ateek, developed a company, Master badge, in 2016. The company excels in creating suitable solutions that help conference managers and organizers in planning and executing events that are conveniently manageable, effective, and successful.

Providing Convenient Solutions for All Events

Master badge is an event management company that focuses on delivering the easiest and most comfortable way of managing an event or conference. Since the company’s inception, Master badge has been able to cater and provide its services to over 500 conferences. For every event that the company has delivered its services, it has been praised and further recommended. The company has received recognition by notable organizations and platforms, including Qatar Health, Qatar International Medical Devices & Healthcare Exhibition and Conferences, Qatar Cancer Society, and many others.

Part of the reason why the company has been immensely successful in getting recognition from various platforms is the use of advanced features. From RIFD technology to put in use the attendee registrations, certifications, onsite solutions, reports and analytics, mobile event apps and websites, email marketing, and survey solutions, every service Mast badge provides leads to a hassle-free event.

In 2019, Master badge organized the Patient Experience Forum 2019 for Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar. The client’s requirement included custom online registration forms, competition management for abstracts and posters, onsite badging solutions. They also requested practical attendee attendance tracking for 1500 attendees, online attendance certificates to be available right after the conference, attendee engagement through surveys and polls, Mobile app and event website, automated and genuine attendance certificate based on actual attendance, along with reporting and analysis.

Master badge not only fulfilled everything the client requested but also gained exceptional client satisfaction. Hamad Medical Corporation acquired 97% accurate attendance results, which helped in reducing 80% of the overall budget cost of collaterals printing and significantly cut costs on human resources.

Master badge built the MEF 2019 mobile app, alongside the conference website using its own platform. It also crafted online registration forms. The team managed a total number of 1843 online and 329 onsite registration and used its iPad app and printers to process 2000 badges in less than an hour. The company also delivered more than 2000 attendance certificates and designed surveys that led to a 98% response rate from the attendees.

Putting Technological Advancement To The Right Use

Master badge understands the use of technology. Keeping that in mind, it uses the RFID technology, which flawlessly works to capture attendance, that too, without any additional any human efforts. It keeps a record of attendance, along with the time spent by each attendee in each session of the conference.

The advanced technology consists of a custom-made robot that is placed at each entrance, a unique, low-cost RFID badge printer that is capable of producing a badge and encodes it in less than 15 seconds, and Master badge software. All these efforts contribute to an accurately calculated attendance of the event.

The use of this technology has helped the company in earning a reputable name in the industry, specifically in the medical conferences in the country. The company received the World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine 2018 Award for its contribution to organizing successful medical conferences. The company also received Plaque of Appreciation during the Qatar Health 2020, held in Sheraton Hotel.


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