Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We have often been stuck up in a situation where we forget about our brother’s birthday, our anniversaries or a special day in our best friend’s life. That is when we run to the store and pick up whatever we think is presentable and gift-able for a man. It is unfortunate how most of us cannot move on from the boring wallets, perfumes, and belts when it comes to gifting men on their special days.

Thanks to the evolving market and online services, now we can get things delivered within the same day of order placement. From a box of assorted chocolates to online flower delivery in Delhi and the major cities, online shopping has made buying gifts very easy. If your partner or friend’s birthday is around the corner or it’s Valentine’s Day next day and you still don’t know what to gift the men in your life, here are some cute last-minute ideas to save your day:

Beard Grooming Kit:

We all know how much guys are obsessed with their mustaches and beard. Buying them a sexy beard trimming and grooming kit would be just perfect. You don’t need to put much effort into it and you can find them easily at the stores. The kit usually comes with a beard growing oil, balm, comb, a pair of scissors, a brush, and a nice storage bag.

A Drawer

This might sound weird but a wooden drawer can be very handy for men. They can use it for storing their essentials like underwear, socks, ties, boxers, and so on. To take it to the next level, you can even stuff the drawer with some cute socks and casual tees that go with their style. If it’s your co-worker or an acquaintance, you can just buy some beautiful birthday flowers and put them in the drawer while giving them to them.

Quirky Whiskey Glasses

If your friend or brother enjoys a drink every once in a while, buying some funky glasses would be amazing. Every time they would take a sip of that whiskey, they would think of you. Luxury drinking vessels always make for a great gift and they would make their mini bar a lot sexier.

A Hammock

This is would make for a perfect gift for all the travel junkies in your life. If your brother, friend or partner loves exploring places, a functional and portable hammock would be a blessing for him. They can even put it up on their backyard or balcony for taking their relaxing game to the next level.


Everybody loves to receive flowers irrespective of their gender and age. They are one of the safest gifting options and are easily accessible. Thanks to Bloomsvilla and other such online flower delivery sites, you can now order anniversary roses, birthday bouquets, customized flowers and a lot more without even stepping out of your house. It would be great if you know the favorite flowers of the person you want to gift them to.

A Toiletry Bag

Help them in taking a break from their old and grimy toiletry kit by gifting them a sexy new one. You know how much that kit needs upgradations. You can buy a leather one or the snug knitted one to give their travel essentials to a new house. Make sure the toiletry bag is spacious enough to have room for all their toiletry items like shaving creams, razors, soaps, deodorants, etc. There are a lot of soft, sturdy and fashionable storage bags available in the market and you can always pick what matches their personality the most. Be it your brother or your best friend, they are surely going to make good use out of a brand new toiletry bag.

Now that you know all the last-minute gifts that you can pick for the guys in your life, sit back and relax. Let the special day come and all you have to do is buy a bouquet online and find the perfect store to get these items from. Don’t forget to slip in a note or a letter to let them know how much they mean to you. Everyone likes to be appreciated and it’s not very often that we make our male colleagues, friends, and brothers feel special.



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