When someone asks me if I think that parquet flooring is real wood, I tell them no. A few days ago I was talking to a friend of mine who is a home maker and he asked me this exact question and I told him no and he didn’t get it.

When I was telling him I thought that parquet flooring was not real wood he asked me why. He said that he had recently moved into his home and had decided that he wanted to have furniture in the room. He then went and did some research and decided to use parquet flooring in the room and he was a little bit confused as to why he would be told that this was not real wood.

This friend of mine did his research online and he found that parquet flooring is real wood and you can put it in any room in your house. The only room in your house that I would not suggest putting parquet flooring in is the bedroom because the room can get really humid there. It has moisture issues there so do not go there.

Many people that decide to use parquet flooring in their home or even in their bedroom do not know that it is actually going to be treated wood. That means you can go there if you want and enjoy the room but be aware that you will need to pay more money to get the same quality of furniture that you would get out of the real wood that is being used in the room. I am sure that this friend of mine did not want to pay more money for the parquet flooring so he went with a laminate version.

If you are like me and like to ask the question is parquet flooring real wood then you know that you can get real wood at just about any hardware store. Here are a few places that you can find real wood.

I always tell my friends when they ask the question is parquet flooring real wood, that you can get real wood at just about any hardware store. Of course this is the best place to find real wood. But you can get parquet flooring at just about any hardware store if you know where to look.

You might also want to check with the store that you bought the furniture from that you are planning on using parquet flooring in your room. In fact you might want to call them and see if they are able to help you in your quest to find out is parquet flooring real wood.

Once you know where to look for parquet flooring Dubai, you can still learn how to tell if it is real wood. If you take a closer look at the baseboard of the room, there should be some rust marks. Also, If there are no rust marks or any other markings you should be able to tell right away that the flooring is not real wood.

If you have real wood flooring, you will have no problem at all finding solvents in the room. The reason for this is that the solvents from the wood will soak right into the parquet. Of course if you buy wood you will have the option of drying it but what I mean is you will have no problem finding the solvents and other stains from the wood in the room.

There are actually cleaners available for the flooring that will help you keep this from happening. Again the key here is to shop around and check out what is available in your area and find out what is going to work best for you and your family.

Now I have had a friend of mine tell me that she thinks that parquet flooring is real wood. She thinks that it is because when you walk over it the floor looks to be real wood and it smells like wood and there are some types of parquet that come from all over the world.

You can see now that I am not a professional in this area and I just have a question of how you know if it is real wood or not. So, if you have decided that it is not, then that is up to you can choose not to use it.


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