Jalen Mcmillan
Jalen Mcmillan

Talent and passion might be the motives behind achieving success, but true success can never be earned without the ultimate cliché, hard word. Nothing great in life is simply handed over. Everything that a person dreams of achieving requires a great deal of struggles, efforts,  and immense dedication. Only then can a person acquire what they truly desire.

Regardless of the field, the baseline in achieving greatness is set through hard work. And setting goals, making plans, and staying on track is the real meaning of hard work. It is the only key that can help a person climb the ladder of success. It does take a lot of time and effort, but hard work never goes wasted. The people who are respected and idolized today are those who have stayed true to their passions and worked hard to make their way to the top. From Barack Obama to Oprah Winfrey, success did not just fall at their feet; they worked hard. One of the most distinguished people when it comes to taking their passions seriously and working hard to achieve success is Jalen McMillan.

At age 25, this singer-songwriter is achieving fame, unlike any other. His success is hard-earned, and his songs are proof that he deserves recognition.


Born on December 24th, 1994, Jalen McMillan was passionate about music from a very young age. His father was a local rapper from Alabama, and music came very naturally to the boy. After hearing his first Michael Jackson song in 7th grade, he fell in love with his voice and wanted to be just like him. Jalen’s father wrote an album for him and his sister when he turned 11 years old. But after the album didn’t gain as much recognition, he went back to school.

Jalen then started performing in school talent shows and earned a lot of admiration and applause from his friends and the rest of the crowd. This, once again, gave hope to Jalen and reignited his passion. Before he even graduated, he released his first song, and it’s music video. The song is called “Tonight” and has over 2k views on YouTube.

In 2013, Jalen became a high school graduate and got admitted to college. Realizing that the only passion he had in life was music, he quit college 2 weeks later and decided to pursue music as a full-time career.


Soon after, Jalen started devoting his time to creating and producing music. He wrote his own lyrics and spent several hours to create his first album. Two years later, he finally came up with his album, “Genesis,” which hit the markets in 2015. Jalen was very hopeful about the album’s success, but unfortunately, the album was an epic fail and had low sales.

Jalen was shaken to the core, and his heart broke. Out of disappointment, Jalen decided to give up music for good. He then began focusing on the real estate business.


Jalen wasn’t one of those people who would give up their passions easily and so he decided to give it his final and best shot. Four years later, in May 2019, Jalen released an EP album, Triple Threat, which included three tunes entitled ‘Azz Back,’ ‘Call My Name,’ and ‘Nykee.’ The artist also released a bonus track,’Keep it 1000.’

The track, ‘Call My Name’ was admired far and wide and gained immense recognition on Soundcloud. The song was created by ThaiBeats,  and received a lot of buzz and radio drama from DJ’s in Tallahassee.

After getting such an amazing response for his tracks, Jalen began working on another album. He released Welcome To Inferno, an album that consisted of 11 tracks. The artist said, “Inferno comes with new songs in which I rap, sing, and handle the production of each track. I’m 25 now with a family to support & I’m hungrier & hotter than ever! This project is me giving it my all & it’s only the beginning, so welcome to my madness, the Inferno.” The most loved track of the album was, No Cap featuring DJ PLAE. The song is a masterpiece and has more than a hundred million streams on Soundcloud and 50 million streams on Spotify.

Jalen loves all his fans and is thankful to them in helping him reach the top. In an attempt to give them nack for the love they showered the rapper with, he released two tracks during the COVID crisis, and said, I want to give the fans, who have been so good to me, something to be happy about & motivate them, despite these difficult times. I want you to take these experiences and grow. A pandemic can and will not stop us.” The tracks are  ‘Motivated, a collaboration with Dj PLAE, and ‘Orgasm,’ an interlude. The two new tracks are takes from STUNNA, which is expected to be McMillan’s debut major release. It also includes “Motivated” merch.

Jalen McMillan is living proof that passion is the driving force, and without hard work, there is no success. His story is a narration of confidence that with a little self-belief, anything is possible!


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