Laptop Battery

The battery life of an ordinary laptop is in between 2-6 hours but according to some researchers, there is no specified rule on how long a single charge can take your laptop. However, it depends more on what you use your laptop for and a couple of battery saving tips you go through. Some of the best battery saving tips include decreasing the brightness level of your laptop’s screen or switching to power-saving mode.

While a lot of information exists on the Internet about how to improve your laptop’s battery life, there are also many misconceptions and misleading myths. The difference between simply preserving the laptop’s battery life or unintentionally contributing to its detriment can be the difference to the truth from fiction. We have mentioned a couple of myths as well as the truth behind them. So, let’s have a look!

Don’t Overcharge When Battery is Full

Overcharging is now not a big issue as most of the laptops are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that don’t harm your laptop battery lifespan but it’s mandatory to use the Right Laptop AC Adapter to avoid damages. Normally, batteries can be charged at approx. 300-500 times and sport an internal circuit that doesn’t let them charged over once they are charged fully. Hence, the batteries don’t get overheat and potentially burn. The only way to overcharge the battery is by malfunctioning the charging system. It ensures that the battery heats up, so make sure that your laptop stays cool.

Battery Life Claims by Manufacturers are Correct

Claims by manufacturers are usually tested that have been benchmarked under certain conditions -therefore, you should take them with a pinch of salt. Their battery test criteria include the 20% brightness of the screen, Wi-Fi switching off, and no music, video, games, or Web pages running. Making it short, their tests turn laptops into a dimly lit clock to see how long the battery can last.

Charge Fully Before Using

This misconception is true for those modern laptops that are loaded with nickel-based batteries. But you will not necessarily need new laptops or notebooks for gaming. This is because they come with lithium-ion batteries that are usually self-calibrated.

Normally, you can use your laptop without even waiting for it to be charged fully. Although not mandatory, it may still be wise to first charge your laptop entirely to retain the appropriate configuration that allows the laptop to decide how the battery functions.

Don’t Use Laptop While Charging

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most important myths among us that charging the laptop while it’s being used would reduce the laptop battery life significantly. Therefore, the misconception is that its lifespan is increasingly shortened. Let’s put it in simple words, the laptop’s battery life usually depends on the job you are doing on it.

For instance, a single charge wouldn’t last too many hours when you play games. Instead, you can go through almost 5-6 hours when using it to listen to music only. In reality, overheating your laptop battery leads to a reduction in battery life and lifespan. If your laptop is used for a lot by the task, it’s safer to do it while it’s unplugged to ensure that it doesn’t overheat.

Batteries are Easier to Replace

There is no way out of the fact that the running time of the battery gets shorter with the passage of time. You might want to change the battery after a few years, but that’s not always easy. Laptops are nowadays usually equipped with built-in batteries that you can’t replace with ease. This means that you return your laptop to the supplier for a Replacement Battery and new installation. Either you get charged for it or not, it entirely depends on the coverage of the warranty.

The Last Words

Let’s admit that everybody wants to enjoy using their laptops for so many hours without getting interrupted or without plugging it into the power source for recharge. Give the quest for that target, to pursue those theories on the Internet would counter-productive. It’s highly recommended to find the battery saving tips to extend the battery life of your laptop.


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