Office Automation System
Office Automation System

Concept of Office Automation

In the technological era, everything is automated. Even the manufacturing plants of vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and airplanes are assembled with the assistance of the robot. So, why should one avoid office automation? In terms, office automation refers to the combo of software, hardware, and network connection.

The objective of office automation is to ease and improve the effectiveness of the processes. There are a variety of operations involved in offices, such as facility management, inventory management, email, accounting, and word processing. Now digitally store, create, relay, and manipulate office data and information. Essential goals and tasks are automated.

History of Office Automation

After looking at the office automation system, it gives contemporary vibes. Obviously, it wasn’t a stone age era great invention. The history of office automation began when the assembly line was introduced in the 20th Century – down the road; it enhanced and fell into this category. Since then, information technology professionals, computer scientists, and technological minds started calling ‘office automation’ almost four decades back.

Incumbent Office Automation

With the years, a trend came into being where faster and better things exist. A modern history of office automation also originated from copy machines and typewriters. As it converts the information to electronic form. A paradigm shift for office automation came when personal computers were found in each home. It was a revolution, as computers were retrospectively restricted to commercial purposes. At that point, computers were luxury; today, it has become a need.

The importance of office automation in a business environment often described as:

  1. They are producing outgoing documents.
  2. It stores and retrieves documents.
  3. It is transmitting a message.
  4. The meeting and schedule management.

If you ponder the points as mentioned above, it will have computers, wireless networks, printers, and other technological gadgets. Today office automation is so advanced that it has created robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in the businesses to do the human job. One may not miscalculate. In the coming days, a robot will work at the office as the automation system.

The field has greatly innovated and changed in the last three decades. Things have become so much easy with the office automation system. Nobody would’ve wonder robot, like a plastic human being, will be working in the office three decades back. As the world is advancing towards big innovation, AI is one of the most genius inventions.

Office Automation Effectiveness

As mentioned earlier, office automation makes the processes efficient. So, it enhances productivity and finds easy ways to do business. Office automation began with word processing and data processing tool, and today it includes one of the most sophisticated and complex tasks accomplishing tools for executing the processes easily.

With the advancement, different types of automation systems have been introduced for different industries around the world. It doesn’t only save your time and money but human effort as well. So, we will discuss in detail about the significance of office automation services.

Pros of Office Automation System

  1. Data Storage and Management

Data storing is important and intimate office records and documents. There are data applications in the storage, which are used to create or edit a file, a document, image, or a spreadsheet. There are different types of desktop presentation, and word processes package available, which allow to textual data to create or edit. At the same time, you have a dedicated application for editing an image and spreadsheets.

  1. Data Managing

One of the major components of office automation is to manage data that offers strategic benefits by simplifying the management of information and stored data. Multi-national companies monitor and control different activities and projects within the office premises through an electronic management system. Tickler system, a reminder system, program schedules, and task management are unique features, which sanction companies to have a close eye on processes done without hassle.

  1. Data Exchange

Stored or manipulated data and information can exchange – it’s a significant aspect of the office automation system. Files sent, exchanged, or information shared between two of an organization to become an electronic transfer application. With a network connection, all information and data, including presentation, text documents, images, spreadsheets, and videos, are exchanged in real-time within a millisecond, depending on your internet connection. There is a collaborative office automation system, and it enables your employees to contact in real-time and improve productivity.

  1. Precision

Undoubtedly, computer systems and other machines are as effective as the human brain. After the bugs are removed from an application or a program, it can assist you in getting 100% accurate in normal business procedures. There is more reliability in software programs than a human, who has actually invented. With an office automation system, the error of probabilities reduces.

  1. Save Resources and Time

As office automation will be implemented, your time will start saving because things will go faster and effectively. Whether tasks are complex or simple, it will take a definite number of times to execute the task. Since processes will be automated, ultimately, you don’t need many resources to execute the tasks. It can save your monthly expense in terms of salaries. Therefore, the workforce will reduce in your office. Besides, after the invention of digital storage, people hardly contain hard copies of each document. Hence, the cost of paper is saved.

  1. Reduced Expenses

Every business demand expenses for day-to-day running. After the introduction of the automation system, you don’t have to invest or hire resources any more for process execution. All will be executed by the office automation system. It will reduce the great amount of expense each month while overall expenditure and investment on different resources will cut-to-size. Surely, the profit margin will widen.


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