The doctor is your messiah when it comes to resolving your longstanding tooth problems. And you need to trust me when I say that there is no exaggeration in this claim. Don’t believe me? Well, let me share a small (true) story to explain what I mean more clearly. For as far back as I can remember, I suffered from a persistent and stabbing tooth-ache in my molars. My mother, based on all her online research conducted with a Frontier Internet plan, attributed it to my ardent love of sweets. And the long list of bakery items that my boyfriend-turned-husband liked to stuff my mouth with.

Yes, I married young – and even had a messy teenage pregnancy to show for myself. It was only when my husband Dave, totally fed up with my pangs of nighttime tooth-ache, threatened to call it quits on our entire affair that I decided to do something about this ‘problem’.

After all, it is not unusual for marriages to end for such reasons as snoring and sleep-walking. And toothache, to the disturbing extent that I happened to suffer from the ailment, was no different. At least in my book.

Getting Over My Fear of the Dentist

I had previously avoided our small town dental surgeon like the plague – because I couldn’t bear the thought of having him put his sharp scalpel into my mouth. I believed that the minute he took out my teeth, my gums would bleed out uncontrollably. And that I would die from the ensuing blood loss; if not from the unimaginable pain that would obviously result from the experience.

Little did I know – then – that my visit to the dentist would actually be very different from what I had envisioned it to be! So different, in fact, that the dentist would soon turn into one of my greatest friends. The very ‘savior of my marriage’, as I choose to refer to him now.

It so happened that I didn’t need any tooth extraction after all.

What I really did suffer from was a case of chronic calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. And when I pondered further along these lines, it soon became clear that there was a lot of truth in this assessment. At a very young age, I had discovered that I was lactose-intolerant; because of which all dairy products became definite ‘no no’s’ for me. There were times when my face and hands actually swelled up like a horrible balloon if I even got so much as a ‘whiff’ of milk in my nostrils. And since dairy is one of the most important dietary sources for naturally attaining the two nutrients mentioned, I was definitely missing out.

Further Problems Caused By My Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency

After the dentist made the diagnosis, I also had to come to terms with my (overall) weakened bones structure. Since calcium and vitamin D have a big role to play in keeping our skeletal system intact, it wasn’t a mystery anymore why I also had to deal with a lot of bone pain every now and then. And if this wasn’t enough to add further fuel to my misery, I also had to deal with frequent pangs of anxiety and brain fog that greatly impaired my ability to work.

When I wasn’t down in the dumps with my myriad of health problems, I tried to put my mind to teaching primary school-aged children over the internet. But over the years, it had become more and more difficult to follow up on this activity.

Four Reasons to Visit Your Dentist (after every Three Months)

After my first successful and unexpectedly-pain-free visit to the dentist, I was advised by him to show up for regular check-ups after every three-monthly period. And boy was I lucky that I did! Because today, as a result of these visits (which I religiously like to plan for in advance), my teeth look like a supermodel’s.

Over here, I’ve listed four of the top reasons why you need to start visiting your very own orthodontist today. And trust me, you’ll thank me later for sticking with this sincere prescription!

You’ll Get a Definite and Unambiguous Diagnosis

Which I certainly did, as I’ve recounted in full above!

You’ll Learn How to Make Your Smile More Prominent

Your smile is intimately connected with your teeth. And if your teeth aren’t as white or healthy as they should be, then you could really do with some tooth-whitening pastes. Or some multivitamin and mineral over-the-counter supplements – which I wouldn’t have known anything about had my dentist not told me.

You’ll Know What to Chew On (and What to Avoid)

Following my third dentist’s appointment, I learned that apples and all flour-based eatables caused my teeth enamel to wear down uncontrollably. And so I was instructed to avoid them as much as I could. By the same token, I also came to know that homemade bone broth, infused with garlic, could reverse these effects. Again, I wouldn’t have known any of these things had it not been for my regular tooth inspections.

You’ll Be Rid of Your Alcohol Habit

As a lifelong scotch-drinker, it wasn’t easy for me to quit on my late-night alcohol habit. And it was only after my dentist firmly scolded me on this point (by explaining how the liquor was damaging my teeth) that I decided to give it up. If you also suffer from teeth problems, and can’t seem to give up on your love for the drink, consider paying the dentist a visit.

Recently, I discovered many web-based dentist forums through my Frontier online deals subscription. Since I only get to see my deliverer once after every three months, these channels are my go-to platforms for getting any untimely tooth-related questions answered. And if you’re interested in keeping your own oral health in top-notch condition, consider signing up for one of these forums today!


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