Women are born with exceptional abilities to multitask. While taking care of their families and handling the home chores, women also possess the potential to lead teams and single-handedly manage operations across a firm. A woman is capable of doing wonders if she is determined and passionate. Unfortunately, not many women can turn their dreams into reality because of low self-esteem and confidence in their potential. The capabilities and power of women are only limited by their own mind as there is no worldly entity that can stop them from being successful and powerful. There are several women who broke through the boundaries set by their own minds and have now in the list of the most successful people in the world.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube; Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook; Radhika Jone, editor in chief of Vanity Fair; Marry Barra, CEO, and chairman of the General Motors Company; Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM; Oprah Winfrey, a successful media executive, actress, producer, and philanthropist; Ivana Trump, senior advisor to President Trump; the 17-year-old Greta Thunberg, a climate activist. These are the women who are leading various industries in the world and have been able to motivate other women to take a stand and turn their dreams into reality. Amidst these successful women, there is one who gave up her life of affluence to work in improving the world as a community. Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise is the descendent of Queen Nazli, the Queen of Egypt.

Dinah currently resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where she founded a private investigations firm, OEIS. She single-handedly manages the operations across her firm while working to bring world leaders on the same page regarding serious matters that plague the society.

From Medical Professional to CEO of a Security Firm

Born in Monreal, Canada, Dinah was the daughter of an agricultural professional in Egypt, who later shifted in the sector of international trades. Due to this, Dinah and her father spent a major time of their lives traveling to various countries. At the time she was residing in Egypt, Dinah completed her Bachelor’s in Biology Literature from the American University in Cairo.  After completing her bachelor’s, Dinah enrolled in a 6-year-long post-graduate training program at the University of Medicine in Cairo. After completing her training program, she officially stepped into the healthcare sector. The royal descendent was appointed as the Chair of Clinical Medicine at the Port Said Military Hospital in Cairo, where she worked till the year 2011. After the revolution, she had to leave the country.

To move further with her profession, Dinah Lilia moved to England from Egypt, acquire a Ph.D. in forensics and political sciences. After her Ph.D. she moved to Toronto in the year 2014 and finally shifted to Niagara Falls, Ontario. While living in Niagara Falls, she realized the importance of security in the city and that it was not only the government’s responsibility to improve the safety and security of the town. Dinah talked about how crucial it was for the locals to make an effort. Although she had laid the foundations of OEIS Investigations, Security, and Protection in the year 2001, she started looking after its operations when she permanently moved to Niagara Falls.

The firm was initially established to offer private security services to rich and wealthy people, but Dinah wanted to do much more than that. She used the platform to encourage the locals to join the security forces to make the city a safer place to live. Her firm offers security guard training, first-aid, hand-cuffs, and baton training to the locals.

The First Female Nominee for Niagara Fall’s Mayor

Dinah Lilia’s efforts to create a stable city by enhancing the security around the areas caught the attention of the notable entities, and she was nominated for mayor’s position in the year 2018. She became the first-ever female to be nominated for this position. Her mayoral agenda was to increase job opportunities for the locals, top-quality education for the students, and a safe Niagara Falls. Dinah refused to be called a politician because her primary aim was the better of the people.

The 42-year-old Dinah aimed to turn Niagara Falls, Ontario, into a city where the residents get the best opportunities. She emphasized the fact that if there were better living conditions and opportunities for people, they would never want to leave their hometown.

Raising a Voice Against Injustice

Not only is Dinah the CEO of OEIS and the first-ever female to be nominated for the Niagara Falls’ mayoral position, but also a philanthropist who wants to make this world a better place. Dinah founded the Lilia Redemption Foundation that addresses issues such as child trafficking. As of 2020, she has saved more than 10,000 children escape from the never-ending cycle of child trafficking. She uses her platform to bring the world leaders together to work on this pressing social issue that ruins the lives of millions of families every year.

The founder and CEO of a security firm, first-ever female to be nominated for the mayor of Niagara Falls, and a philanthropist, Dinah Lilia Mansour Maurice, is an epitome of power and strength. She is a woman who has been able to acquire success through her goodwill. She is one of those who actively work to strengthen communities. She gave up her royalty for the sake of the community. She currently resides in Niagara Falls and is immersed deeply in the efforts of creating a stable society and a stronger global community.


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